JoanPrice“If men understood what great sexual tools their brains, mouths, and hands were, say the authors, they’d see sex and pleasure differently and communicate in new ways. This book is a guidebook and roadmap–and very entertaining besides!”
-Joan Price, author of Naked At Our Age


“Let’s face it: straight men find lesbianism intriguing…”

“Reversing the formula of Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman’s Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man (HarperCollins, 1997), Goddard and Brungardt do the job even better. Let’s face it: straight men find lesbianism intriguing, and this extremely helpful manual will appeal to their erotic curiosity as well as their desire to please women partners. Goddard, a sexuality educator, and Brungardt, a health journalist, tackle the basics of female sexual response, kissing, breast play, “finger love” and “hand love,” oral sex, and “ins and outs”–plus sex toys, S & M, body-image issues, birth control, and sexual abuse. The book is well written, comprehensive, and lighthearted, incorporating good advice about communication and safer sex.”
-Martha Cornog, Philadelphia, PA


“The best thing since sex therapy!”

Lesbian Sex Secrets For Men, by J. Goddard and K. Brungardt, is an amazing work that has already aided my relationship! I had heard that the book was coming out in May and I thought it might be good for me as well as my male partner. So, last week I bought the book and found it to be the best thing since sex therapy! […]¬†I think this book is particularly strong due to its detailed instructions. It provides exact information in a no nonsense manner while also being sensitive to people’s ideas about sex. […] More than anything, I want to tell people that although the content may seem racy, it is about time we got a book that is direct and honest. The stories of the women and men in the surveys are the book’s best asset. Hearing people with familiar problems is a great comfort. So, in conclusion I would say this is the sex book of the 21st century. Move over “The Joy of Sex”!” – Amazon reviewer


“She can’t thank me enough.”

“My wife and I have been married a long time, but the female body had always been somewhat of a mystery. She’s quite open in bed, but I still wonder — What gives her the most pleasure? Where should I be touching or rubbing her? This book answers all those questions. This book provides wonderful sexual advice to help any man become a better lover. My wife is so pleased, she can’t thank me enough.” – Amazon reviewer¬†

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